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  1. Unzip all zip files in the directory tree

    Tue 09 February 2016

    If you have a directory containing a lot of zip files with data.

    You might find the following command useful. It unzips all zip files under the current directory in their current location.

    find . -name '*.zip' -exec sh -c 'unzip -o -d "${0%/*}" "$0"' '{}' ';'
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  2. Rename all files in a directory to lower case

    Tue 09 February 2016

    I had a directory full of CEL files, which I wanted to bring to lower case for consistency with other CEL files I had within that project.

    To rename all files in a specific directory on a Debian based system you can use:

    rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

    Or if you ...

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  3. Convert avi to wmv

    Mon 08 February 2016

    If you ever want to embed a video file in a PowerPoint presentation, the following command can be useful. It allows you to convert a video file to wmv.

    The wmv format is better supported for playback within PowerPoint (at least on Windows systems). mencoder luckily makes this very easy ...

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  4. Recursively copy all jpeg files to a single directory

    Sat 06 February 2016

    I have backups from multiple machines on one external hard drive. No I wanted to combine all pictures from those machines into one big folder, so I could easily upload them into owncloud and have one place with all our images.

    This job turned out to be simple using a ...

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  5. Let's encrypt!


    I am using fabric to automate the installation and configuration of my server. I use Python for a lot of things, and the more I can do in one language the more proficient you get in that language. So when looking for a tool to allow scripting of software ...

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  6. The beginning

    Wed 03 February 2016

    Today I have started my new blog. :)

    I will blog about things that are of interest to me.

    Those things are:

    • R
    • Python
    • Data science
    • Host your own services
    • Home automation

    And combinations thereof.

    I will start with some posts about how I created this blog. Obviously, I am hosting ...

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